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Mr. Block has a long and successful career in the communication industry including pioneering roles in commercial and pay television and cellular telephone operating companies.  He has also contributed significantly to the creation and development of communication technologies used worldwide.


Block has been a principal in the commercial television business since 1950.  He was a principal party in the development, distribution, and technology of the Pay-TV industry.

o   Block is a General Partner in four wireless cable TV stations in Houston TX (leased to Sprint). 

o   He has also owned commercial TV stations in Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Milwaukee.

o   Block was a founder of:

o   Telease, Inc, one of the first companies in the world to develop Pay-TV set-top decoder technology.

o   SelecTV in the U.S, one of the first Pay-TV services in the world and the first to offer Pay-Per-View on a regular basis.  The SelecTV set-top decoder incorporated technology developed by Telease.

o   SelecTV in the United Kingdom.  SelecTV UK purchased Telease set-top decoders and were the first addressable set-top boxes used outside of the US.

o   Choice Channel, one of the first satellite based Pay-Per-View program services. 

o   Block was instrumental in the creation of Canal Plus in France.


o   Block is a shareholder and Chairman of International Communication Technologies  Group (ICT),

o   Block is a Director and Shareholder of Eagle Telephonics, Inc, a telephone switch manufacturer with customers in more than 30 countries

o   Block was a founder of:

o   More than 70 cellular telephone companies in the US

o   Netia Holdings (NTIA), a Polish telecommunications company with licenses to serve 33% of the Polish population (the first Polish company to go Public in the US, NASDAQ);

o   Cable Plus, a Czech Cable-TV company with more than 450,000 subscribers. (Now owned by a major European Cable-TV system);

o   ICT Bangladesh, a Joint Venture with the Bangladesh Rural Telecom Authority (BRTA) to provide telephone service to 60 million people in Bangladesh

o   Soyuz Telecom, a company providing local telephone service in Novosibirsk, Russia. 


Block is widely known for his pioneering work in communications. He is the inventor and patent holder of more than 100 patents in 29 countries.  His patents include: Signal control, Terrestrial and satellite distribution systems, Subscriber billing systems, including Impulse Pay-Per-View and Parental Control (Block’s 1978 patents cover the basic V-chip functions) 

Block’s inventions are licensed to most of the major consumer electronic manufacturers and have influenced the marketing of entertainment, sports and information and education services worldwide. 

Software Developer/Publisher

Block is the Chairman, principal shareholder and chief architect of 3D Business Tools (3DBT).   3DBT is developing a comprehensive Enterprise Management System (EMS).  EMS is essentially a business model that is customized for a company by entering both financial and non-financial data.   The model is then used to analyze past performance and to plan future periods.

Block is also the Chairman and principal shareholder of Mobley Matrix International.

Block is a co-founder and Chairman of UBmatrix (UBm).  UBm develops software tools for the financial services industry.  The Company is the leader in XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) software tools.  UBm is a Joint Venture partner with EDGAR Online to provide XBRL data services for all EDGAR filings and is negotiating with Stock Exchanges world-wide to provide an XBRL repository for public companies throughout the world.


Block was an early thinker regarding the worldwide distribution of data.  The US Defense Department, two major Universities, and the Futurist magazine published his 1984 paper introducing the concept of a “Worldwide Information Utility”.

Block is a cofounder:

o   Past President, and a Trustee of the United States Sports Academy, an accredited graduate school that operates worldwide

o   A Trustee of the Leroy Walker Human Performance Center associated with the North Carolina State University System 

o   MetaLearning Systems, publishers of MetaPhonics English Language Arts Program

He has been a guest lecturer at University of California, University of Wisconsin, U.S. Air Force Academy, MIT and the Beijing Institute of Technology, (China’s MIT).


Block has provided expert testimony and consultation to many governments and business organizations, including the United States Congress, the FCC, the Australian Broadcast Tribunal, the BBC, Singapore Broadcasting, the European Broadcasting Union, TDF and Canal Plus in France, Argentine Cable, Thomson, and many others.


Block graduated from the U.S. Army Medical Corps School of Pharmacy.  He received a BS in Education from the University of Wisconsin, a BS in Foreign Trade from the Latin American Institute, and an Honorary Doctorate from the United States Sports Academy.